Introspektre.com is my blog for writing about my experiences as an introvert. The name “IntroSpektre” itself is a mash-up between “introvert” and “spectre” (or a play on the latter word because introspectre.com was taken!), because… well, sometimes, I just feel like a ghost. It’s also a play on the word “introspect” (to examine one’s own thoughts or feelings).

Why did I start this blog?

Two reasons: to share my experiences and to get things off my chest. Just recently, I’ve read profound things about introversion that have blown my mind. Not that it was fascinating, but I REALLY identified with what was written, as if the articles were written for┬áME! So, I want to share my experiences in case it helps anyone else realize they’re not alone.

I cried as I read some of the blog posts and articles. I cried because I finally felt like I was getting answers as to why I am the way I am. I’ve asked myself often, “Why the hell am I the way I am? Why am I so ‘off’ and ‘weird’ in the quirkiest ways??”

Well, now, I feel like answers are materializing before my eyes! It’s been a very eye-opening last few days reading some of these articles. I’ve even ordered a couple of books about introversion that I can’t wait to read to get more insight!

Oh, and the header art on this site… Yep, that’s me… obscured behind some Photoshop magic, but me nonetheless. :) Kinda creepy, I know, but I like it. =P