Today’s Moment in Synchronicity

Whether or not my post from earlier today has any weight in truth or something I pulled out of thin air, a few things I mentioned had eerie semblance to a blog post by Megan of today: The Perfect Match? INFJs and ENxPs

For the record, the article itself really resonated with me… But here are a few things that struck me as “synchronistic” (is that even a word?). It is! I just checked. ;)

Megan writes,

“ENxPs are Perceivers. While their spontaneity can be initially attractive to an INFJ, over time the J/P difference can cause conflict in the relationship. The INFJ will become overwhelmed always being the one who has to take charge when it comes to making plans, and the ENxP may view the INFJ as bossy.”

“Overwhelmed” is the word I used to describe how I can feel at times, particularly due to the spontaneity, though I did not call that out specifically…

Another moment in Megan’s writing that struck a chord with what I had in mind was,

“ENFPs can have a hard time understanding INFJs feelings, and vice versa. ENFPs use Introverted Feeling, and any relationship between an Introverted Feeler and an Extroverted Feeler is going to come with issues. INFJs prefer to process their feelings verbally, while ENFPs prefer to process internally. INFJs may think the ENFP is being selfish after making a Fi-based decision, because it might not take into consideration the feelings of others (Fe).”

Although, I didn’t have a grasp on it, this is exactly what I had in mind when I wrote,

“They don’t always seem in-tune with how the solution affects others as long as, to them, the solution “works”… “

I didn’t know how to articulate it, but Megan has a stronger grasp on the concepts so she writes much more intelligently on the matter… I merely had a few random thoughts I wanted to quickly post, but when I read this, I equated my

“They don’t always seem in-tune with how the solution affects others…”

with her

“INFJs may think the ENFP is being selfish after making a Fi-based decision…”

(I had to read about Fi/Fe after reading Megan’s post, but, yes… I think I have a slightly better understanding of those functions now.)

Okay, so there were only a couple items I noticed,… but it struck me as almost serendipitous that what I wrote today, to some (a tiny?) degree was validated. I don’t write often so I think that fact plays into the fact that it seemed so… synchronistic to read Megan’s article today. ^_^

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