Are These ENFP Traits?

… Or am I just making something out of nothing?

The two ENFPs I’ve known have similar qualities and I’m trying to determine if it’s an ENFP thing or at least traits that possibly stem from being so. Both are from completely different circles (personal vs. professional), but in learning that both may be ENFP, I had a real A-HA! moment in realizing the similarities…

In two brief descriptions… they seem to have very I-CAN-DO-IT attitudes toward any challenge and also be very, “There! I fixed it!”

Let me explain…

I Can Do It!

No matter what the challenge, they seem to be whole-heartedly up for it, especially if it’s tied to personal interests (They can go into “crusade” mode if that’s the case). Self-sacrifice, late nights, working to exhaustion, sometimes throwing caution to the wind are all things I’ve seen in both.Many times, they succeed and get all the applause they deserve. When they don’t, they pause, grieve a bit, and quickly move on. (I wish I could do this… Failures stay with me forever… =/)

There! I fixed it!

They’re masters of hacks. When working toward a goal, they try to achieve it no matter what the means. Well, as long as it isn’t going against their core values. They have very “There! I fixed it!” attitudes, often involving lots of duct tape (literally and figuratively) at the expense of aesthetics or how it may be perceived (at least until someone points it out).

They don’t always seem in-tune with how the solution affects others as long as, to them, the solution “works” (because sometimes, it doesn’t) and they can say they’ve accomplished what they set out to do.

Side Note

Both ENFPs bug me in similar ways, but I also get/got along with them very well. I had a very close personal relationship with one. The other, I know in a professional capacity. I can be overwhelmed by them both regarding different things, but get the same feeling when that happens. I love them both as people and would love to know more ENFPs.

Also, they both genuinely care about my well-being with greatest concern. They’ve both given me a lot…

Again, I don’t know if this is an ENFP thing or just some completely unrelated traits… I’m just trying to understand if this is common among ENFPs.

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