Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker Review

Hi, all… Here’s an off-topic post about my new coffee maker, the Aerobie AeroPress.

My philosophy regarding coffee has long been, “Bad coffee is better than no coffee.” While this still rings true, “Life’s too short for bad coffee.” is starting to sink in more as I age. I had an epiphany at a wedding I attended last week… “Why can’t I make wedding-quality coffee??”

My search led me to the AeroPress…

At home, I use a French press… I love the thing. I’ve owned FOUR of them (because I broke the previous three). It’s easy to use, makes a lot of coffee and requires no filter. At work, I use a single-cup drip coffee maker. It is… convenient.

I’ve only used the AeroPress for a couple of days, but I really dig it. I bought it from Amazon for about $30 including shipping. It comes with everything you see here…



I immediately placed it on my Zombie Apocalypse mug so I could admire them both together…



It makes a good, clean, smooth cup of coffee… again, I’ve only been using this a couple of days and I understand there are many different ways people have used this (as I’ve found on YouTube), but it amazed me that such a culture has developed around this device that was invented by a guy who also invented a type of frisbee and lectures at Stanford University.

So far, here’s how I think it compares to my personal French press and my office’s drip coffee maker.

Office Drip Coffee Maker

The Good

  • Convenient
  • Coffee pretty much makes itself
  • No filter required

The Bad

  • Coffee somehow tastes, meh…
  • Only makes one cup
  • Very impersonal… no opportunity to try different things with it

French Press

The Good

  • Makes lots of coffee
  • Makes good coffee
  • Easy to use

The Bad

  • Coffee is a bit murky and can be silty
  • Cleaning it is a pain. I usually avoid it until I decide it needs a proper cleaning
  • Breaks! (I’ve accidentally broken the glass on three of them)


The Good

  • Makes clean, smooth coffee
  • It’s quick
  • Easy to clean

The Bad

  • Making the coffee is more involved (I actually bought a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water, though it’s not absolutely necessary)
  • Only makes one cup
  • Maybe a little too quick…


I really like the coffee the AeroPress makes and I don’t mind the (minimal) extra work that goes into brewing the coffee, especially since I’m in pursuit of the greatest-tasting coffee (which I’ve not yet brewed). That’s my motivation, so it’s worth the effort. Part of my tolerance of the extra work may also be the novelty of having this contraption. I’m certain I’ll continue to use my French press if I’m feeling lazy or just want cup after cup of coffee.

I really do appreciate the clean, smooth tasting coffee the AeroPress brews compared to my French press. With the French press, the coffee can sit in the container too long and it starts getting really bitter. I suppose I could pour the coffee into a carafe, but that means an extra thing to wash.

As for the drip coffee maker,… there’s just something too “robotic” about it. Very impersonal… BUT, as with the French press, although it takes longer, I find the time it takes is sometimes the time I need to just chill out and do nothing or stare out the window as the coffee brews. I admit, even though I enjoy my new AeroPress, I’ve used the drip machine at work, just so I could have time to do… nothing… as the coffee brews. With the AeroPress, pretty much from start to finish, you’re involved in the coffee-making process.

That said,… I still have not obtained my objective of making wedding-quality coffee… I have a hunch that it has to do with the coffee beans themselves. My next investment may be a coffee grinder and really good coffee beans…

Really, though, I may have made it sound more involved than it is… Just go to  YouTube and look for AeroPress how-to videos and you’ll find a variety of them… some simple, some very precise.

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