A Message for my Friends

Last week was a pretty good week, and for reasons I can’t explain, I had the urge to give thanks to my INFJ friends on Twitter that help me attain a certain state of mind. Not that all their tweets made me particularly “happy” (though, many did), but that I felt like I “belonged,” if that makes any sense.

Before leaving work for the weekend, I wanted to do something to let my thanks be known. I thought I’d make a video recording of myself personally giving thanks. It was just an idea… until I told a fellow tweeter that I was considering doing such a thing… So I did.

Were it not for this brief interaction, I probably wouldn’t have gone through with it. But I’m SO glad I did! It only took me about four takes before I had a recording I thought was “ok” enough to post. Then, I had so much hesitation in actually posting it. The hardest part was actually sending a link to the video to people. That made my heart race! I was thinking it might be taken as just another weird thing that weird ol’ me would do.

The responses I received were very rewarding to me! To know that I brought a little bit of joy by sending a simple message brought me joy! It catapulted me into a great weekend feeling positive and warm! All the awkwardness and difficulty to overcome the hesitation was worth the effort to get this message out that I so wanted to express to “my people!” ^_^

I hope I can do this from time to time… It really is my joy to bring smiles to others. :)

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