Every Day Is Halloween

What is it about Halloween that I love so much? It’s the one day I can dress how I want and not get crap for it.

I take Halloween seriously (whether I like it or not). Always have. Save one or two Halloweens, I’ve always put much thought and effort into what I wanted to be and it was always some aspect of myself manifesting itself in the physical world.

Let’s go back thirty-some years… One of my first Halloweens ever, I remember being… SUPERMAN! I’d recently seen the movie and everything about the man of steel made me feel… well,… “super.” I could hear John Willams’ score playing in my head as I ran and let my cape flow, arms stretched out in front of me as if I were flying. For several years, I really believe I could eventually learn to fly.

Some Halloween later, I was… LUKE SKYWALKER! Huh? o_O The young kid I was, I could only vaguely recall key moments of the film… But the light saber, the blowing-up of the Death Star… the heroism… YES! That’s what I wanted to be! (My sister was Princess Lea that year… Weird, huh?? lol)

Fast forward a few years, now in elementary school. The martial arts theme begins to appear… One year, I was a NINJA. This was in the early 80’s. People didn’t know what the hell I was!! I had to explain, “I’m a ninja!” A good friend helped me throughout the day,… “He’s an inja!” “Inja…” That still cracks me up. lol

In high school, I went through a Native American phase (thanks to Dances with Wolves and Native American friends). I decked myself out in a bone breastplate, bone choker, face paint, feathers… all hand-made. And it wasn’t so stereotypical. It was more, “warrior”-like. Even when it wasn’t Halloween, I wore the bone chokers and feathers in my hair. (I had REALLY long hair then.)

What else?? Freddy Krueger, Eric DravenAshitaka (Princess Mononoke), Scarecrow (the Batman villain), Jack Skellington, Kung Lao, Gogo Yubari… There are so many aspects of these figures that have become a part of me somehow. Some for my interest in horror films, some for overall creepy things, some for martial arts… But I’ve never been one to randomly pick just any old costume. It HAD to mean something to me. ALWAYS!

Most of these costumes required much time and effort and my mother helped me with many of them. Even a few that were post college! lol (My mom is awesome like that, by the way. :)

Anyway, I don’t know that there’s really point to this post… Just that Halloween is very special to me because I can let things out and feel the part for one day.

Sometimes, it seems I dress up for work in clothes that I don’t want to wear… clothes that don’t represent me. In that sense, sometimes it can seem like every day is Halloween.