MBTI Type Quest

Less than one month ago, I’d never heard of the Jung Typology Test or Myers Briggs. Today, I’m obsessed with determining my type.

I’ve taken an online MBTI test here four times. Results have been INFJ three times and ISFJ once (the second time). I varied my answers based on what I believed was being asked and perhaps my current mood influenced me as well.

Having read several articles and scouring through forums, I felt I could identify with both N and S types, possibly leaning more toward INFJ. But I can’t help but wonder if I’m missing something BIG! Some tell-tale sign that I’m definitely one over the other.

Is there ONE question I could answer that would determine what I really am?? Perhaps it’s not even the answer I choose, but the way I answer the question… or how long it takes me to answer.

In all I have read, there seemed to be a lack of examples of how S and N differ. There were plenty of explanations of the two, but nothing I could really relate to… There’s something I’m not grasping about the difference, but I probably need examples that I am familiar with to really understand the differences as they relate to my unique situations.

I’m going to see if I can find a way to best tested by a certified MBTI practitioner. I’d really like to know what my type is and understand how it’s been affecting my life.

How did you determine your type? Did you also take an online test? Or were you tested by a certified professional?

2 thoughts on “MBTI Type Quest

  1. I’ve taken several online tests ranging from 20 questions to 90 questions, and came out with ENFJ each time.

    It seems to me that the difference between Sensing and iNtuiting is that those who sense look at what’s readily available as data, whereas those who intuit look more at the spirit of the thing than the form. I may be totally off base, though.

    • Thanks for commenting, Setsu! No, that totally makes sense… The MBTI is so fascinating to me and I’m really wanting to learn about the nuances that would type an individual one way or the other. I recently took a different online test and this time I was typed INFP. O.o I’d like to be tested by a certified professional sometime and see how I type then.

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