So, What Am I, Really?

It’s so nice to get away into the woods and to find moments by yourself to ponder new realizations and ideas. I even opened up to my significant other about what I’ve been learning about myself.

Now that I’m home again, I continue my search for answers… As with many new subjects, the more I read, the more questions I have, including that of what I really am… I typically gravitate away from labels and categorizing people, but for the sake of understanding myself and to have a starting point, I’m trying to… well… categorize myself.

Before last week, I believed “introvert” and “extrovert” to be merely terms used by western society to say one is either “shy” or “outgoing.” I assumed there were plenty of scholarly dissertations on the “shy”/”outgoing” differences, but did not realize to the extent that “introverts”/”extroverts” were categorized.

So… what am I??

I do believe I’m at an extreme end of introversion. Is there a name for that?? Am I just an extremely shy introvert? INFJ? ISFJ? Do I also have avoidant personality disorder¬†and/or social phobia?

I’m inclined to see a specialist and take a test or something for assistance to find where I fit. There can be so much truth in a meme meant for entertainment, but I’m pleased a few memes on introversion have led me to this path to understanding myself better.

Ok, I realize this post is not of any help to anyone but myself, but I’m just getting started. It has¬†therapeutic value and that’s one of the main reasons I started this blog. But it’s my hope that I’ll someday understand enough about what I am so that I might help others. :)

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