Heading to the Sierras to Reflect Upon New Realizations

Actually, my trip to the Sierras has been on my calendar for months, but as I leave the urban sprawl of Silicon Valley with my daughter, my girlfriend and her younger brother for the weekend, I’ll have a chance to unplug, enjoy close company of my most cherished people in the world.

I’m still taking in everything I’ve learned about introversion over the last few days. The quiet of the mountains, the freshness of the air and rejuvenating quality of the water should help me reflect on the many bits of information I’ve thrown at myself and start piecing them together. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for months, but even more so now that I have something to center on and think about.

Just today, I learned about the The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and I’m trying to understand where I fall… According to the Jung Typology Test™, so far I am either INFJ or ISFJ. But I suppose it’s all really more complex than a simple test. I can’t wait until my books arrive so I can dig down deep into the understanding of introverts!

BTW, here are the books I ordered:


I’m excited and anxious for answers I feel I’m about to find… a little scared, too, but mostly excited! :)

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