I’ve Opened a Can of Worms

I’ve opened up a can of worms… and it’s a good thing! I had a very profound experience today. Over the last couple of weeks, introvert-related memes have popped up on Facebook and there was so much truth to them, I thought I’d look further into introversion.

I’ve always considered myself an “introvert,” but only had a general idea of what it meant to be one.Today, I read blog posts and articles that blew my mind… My jaw dropped as I read them because I felt as though they were addressing me! They were describing things I thought only I felt and experienced! It was surreal! I cried as I read some of these because it was then I realized… there’s an entire “race” of people like me out there! I just wanted to hung the authors of these articles!

Being somewhat of a computer geek, I wiped away a tear and felt inspired to start a blog… And here you are at introspektre.com. Thank you for visiting! I’m still not sure how this blog will come together, but I want to share my findings as I explore more articles, read books (I already bought two) and share my own experiences as an introvert.

There are lots of lists regarding introverts: how to treat them, how not to treat them, myths, etc. Perhaps I’ll start my first few posts with one item from one of these lists and relate them to my own experiences. Just to get things like that off my chest would be therapy of sorts, I think.

It’s my hope that, if I’m diligent and able to maintain this blog with meaningful content, another introvert will stumble upon it who could also identify with it and, ultimately, have a positive impact by it. (Though, I foresee that some posts may not be very positive in nature.)

By the way, I also created a Twitter account: twitter.com/introspektre. I currently have no followers nor am I following anyone… That’s how new it is! :)

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